peanut oil

LucurlyLucurly Posts: 2Registered Users
i was wondering what you guys thought about using peanut oil on hair? I tried olive oil but it was too heavy for my curls and made them super greasy. I recently switched to peanut oil, and it seemed to make my hair soft, but not weighed down with oil.
I use it overnight, and wash it out in the morning with conditioner sometimes vinegar :)


  • TzarineTzarine Posts: 90Registered Users
    Hmmm might have to give that a go even though peanut oil is expensive! Good for cooking chinese food also lols!

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  • swtndspcyswtndspcy Posts: 692Registered Users
    I suppose this depends on what your objective is. Peanut oil doesn't penetrate the hair shaft like EVOO, EVCO, and avacado oil. So it won't provide the conditioning effect from the oil itself. For sealing in moisture (or sealing it out, if that's what you need) on wet hair it should work fine.

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