HAIR EMERGENCY! blonde hair now grey!!!

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I have had healthy hair for 3 years, where I bleach it, then I dye it and all is ok. This time I bleached and dyed it and then it went white-blue-grey. It was horrible and as it was only my roots it was so obvious
So I panicked and ran to the hair salon, but its a sunday and I need it to be ok asap because I cant leave the house like this. It was raining thankfully so I put my hood up and went around, nothign was open but I managed to find somenumbers on the doors. I messaged them and one replied saying a darker blonde, light brown would neutralise the ash. After panicking I decided I would definitely do a strand test, I did it went brown but that was fine by me, anything but grey!

I used it all over and now its a dark grey, I only left it on half the time, thats how long the strand took. I need as much help as possible?! what should I do?!

I dont have access to colour oops and stuff from sallys, no where near me sells that. I have just got hair dyes. I got a semi permanent dark brown, permanant dark blonde and permanent black. When I used permanent normal golden blonde on a strand it wouldn't hold it at all, but the brown one did.

Should I put that brown on for the rest of the time? Or what should I do?
I am not going to leave it, because I have to be able to leave the house not feeling awful all the time! I am conditioning it with redken extreme force in the mean time because I heard it could be a cuticle stain because its damaged but I need help!!!

Please help me!

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