Do I have to cut my hair short now?

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My hair used to be normal in terms of porosity... But since I've been swimming in the local gym's pool (that's high in chlorine since a lot of people go in and out of it), my hair became overly porous. I have not used any coloring or heat/chemical treatments in many, many, many months, so it's not any of those things, thus I can only assume that it's the pool water that's making my hair like this all of a sudden. :cry:

It's frustrating. When I slide my finger on the hair right near my scalp, they feel very smooth and healthy, since they just grew out, so my hair is naturally not overly porous, you know? But the rest of it... forget about it! It's a complete mess! It doesn't help that my water at home is hard!

I've tried "Roux Porosity Control Corrector & Conditioner"... didn't worked. I'm trying out "ApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor" about two times now, but my hair is still a mess, even though it's a bit more softer now, the porosity issue is still very much there.

So I read on Live Curly, Live Free: Hair Porosity

... that "Unfortunately, porosity issues stemming from irreparable hair damage CANNOT be permanently corrected. Only time can truly mend damaged hair. You can, however, create a temporary fix until the damaged part grows out by "reconstructing" the hair shaft with protein treatments."

All I can do now is cut my hair shorter so that my hair can grow out and I'll have to keep trimming it until all the overly porous strands are cut out.

Is this the answer, or is there any other way to permanently fix overly porous hair that's been done due to chlorine/hard water?
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    No, there is no way to fix damaged hair. However, by no means do you have to cut it all off.

    Firstly, I'd recommend getting a swimmer's shampoo that gets rid of chlorine and hard water buildup. (I can't personally recommend one, but I've seen some positive reviews.) Next, do a deep conditioning treatment. Then gauge your hair's condition.

    I chopped of a lot of my hair because of hard water buildup. At the time I thought it was just dry and damaged beyond repair. However, I have learned that an ACV rinse will get rid of my hard water deposits (Idk about chlorine) and makes my hair soft and shiny.

    You might find this article helpful:
    The Long Hair Community Discussion Boards - Damaged Hair: Understanding, Preventing & Rehabilitating

    Best of luck!
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    I know this won't help your current situation much but my friend who swims a lot swears by this to prevent damage to her hair.

    She wets her hair and saturates it with a good conditioner before getting in the water. Since the conditioner coats the hair and fills in the porous parts, the chemical-loaded water doesn't get to her hair as much. A bit because eventually the conditioner does wash off as she swims but she has healthy hair so it must do something :)

    And if you do a lot of PTs, using a DT while you swims will help balance the moisture in your hair. You do need moisture when you do PTs.

    HTHs keep the new hair growth healthy!
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    You can gradually cut your hair, but if the water and chlorine are the culprits, you'll have the same problem eventually as your hair grows out. Below is a suggestion that you may customize:

    Try using a combination of conditioner and oil on your hair before swimming. Be sure that your hair is mostly dry before entering the pool or ocean.

    After swimming, make sure you rinse your for at least three minutes.

    On days that you don't swim, try a pre-treatment with a moisturizing oil or conditioner. Cover with a plastic cover and leave on for a minimum of 20 minutes.

    You mentioned you have hard water; can you get a filter for your shower head? That will help.

    Redken as a series call Time Reset which is designed to help porous hair. One of the products, Porosity Filler is supposed to be good. Here's a place where you can order the product:
    Redken Time Reset Porosity Filler -Redken at-home hair treatments

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