Phenoxyethanol - itchy??

Hello Everyone,

I tried some samples of Jane Carter Solutions products in my health food store the other day and had an itchy scalp and body reaction. I'm wondering if it was from the Phenoxyethanol as it seemed to be the only relatively new and strange ingredient in the products I tried.

Has anyone had a reaction to Phenoxyethanol? Or to the JCS products? I don't react badly to products in general so it was surprising to me. It was so bad that I had to shower and wash my hair when I got home even though I only put the products on a tiny bit of my hair.

OR, it could have been from a different ingredient.

I'm currently looking for a new conditioner and it's amazing how many products now have Phenoxyethanol.

Just wondering.... trying new hair products shouldn't be so stressful. I think that's why I tend to stick with something that works when I find something that works instead of being very adventurous!

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    Oh, me, me! I can't use anything with Phenohyethanol in it. Itch City. It's a "paraben-free" preservative and so many companies are jumping on the Paraben-free bandwagon and ignoring the fact that these other preservatives have major skin irritancy problems.

    Sure, it could be another ingredient. But that one is a stinker, even though it is effective.
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    Thank you IAgirl, I am so happy it is not just me!

    Not happy that you had a bad reaction from Phenoxyethanol, but happy that I am not crazy. I really couldn't believe how very itchy I felt. Then, when I noticed that it is being used in so many products, I could not imagine that others were not being affected by it as well.

    BTW, I saw that butoxyethanol is also in a product in the JCS brand (funny that brand is marketed as "home grown hair care"). I have nothing against that brand, never used it aside from trying a sample in the store, but I don't like marketing misinformation.

    Both of these "ethanols" appear to be really, really, really bad for humans and they are easily absorbed through the skin. I just googled them and the information is very scary. How are these chemicals allowed to be put in hair and skincare products?

    3b, brown with blonde hilights
    Curls mid-back when dry
    Mod CG and B & A gel since 2002
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    They approved by the FDA, that's how. Not a lot of long-term research available. It's mostly marketing - paraben preservatives have been linked to cancer and the popular media grabbed hold of that. So it becomes a big marketing ploy to use "paraben-free" preservatives, assuming that if we leave out the parabens, then it must be okay. And then we realize that was a bit of an oversimplification!
    Gotta have preservatives or else have products going "off" in their bottles, which is also bad.
    But it is really hard to shop for anything without running into this preservative. And if one thinks - maybe this time it won't bother me - one will be running back to the shower to wash it off.