SPIRAL perm!

this is just gonna be a post of info for people who are thinking about getting the spiral perm done
i hve 2b curls, i used to be 3a and they were beutifull!! ever since i moved to a low humidity area the curls seemed to dissapear and after a year and a half of hating it i disided to do something about it, so yesturday i went in and got a spiral perm done, i have only had it for about 24 hours, i can shampoo or condition my hair for 48 hours so i will be able to see the full result them bu thtis is what i think of it so far:
  • the smell during the procedure was awful!! and the stuff made my head kindo sting but that wasnt to bad
  • when she took out the rollers i emidiatly saw that i had ALOT more volume( which is amazing) becuase my hair had compleltly no volume or curl at the top which looked horrible and the top layer was almost straight:/but this has seemed to fix that
  • she brushed my hair which i thought was weird and it made my hair even straighter then it ws which freaked me out but after i wet it i noticed all of the curls come in
  • my hair is a bit stiff but i cant really judge yet becuase i have cpmpletly no conditioner in it
  • my curls are a lot more even and alot of the frizz went away
  • i just wet my hair and the smell is still there not as bad thought, it should go away in a couple of days but till then i was told that cats are supposed to be in love with my hair becuase of the smell :P im a cat person so i dont mind
if anyone else has had this procedure done i would love to hear what ur experiance with it was!
cant wait to grow it out!!


  • Trixie1979Trixie1979 Posts: 364Registered Users
    I haven't had it done but have been toying with the idea of a loose perm. I did a lot of heat damage to my hair using a ceramic straightener. It's pretty much stick straight. I do notice some wave at the root but it will take ages to grow out. I miss my curls!! And I think I'm a 2b/c-ish

  • OnduleeOndulee Posts: 1,264Registered Users
    I can't give advice but I have also thought about getting a spiral perm on my canopy...because it's mostly 2C and the rest of my hair underneath would be 3A-3B...but I get spooked and have never actually done it.

    Good for you tho. please keep us updated on how it holds up and anything good, bad or ugly that happens to your hair...
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