BRHG reformulation?

Has anyone used the new Biosilk rock hard gelee ? I went to Ulta in Houston, today, to pick up some gel, and there were two versions of the bottle--the one I know, and a new one with different packaging, and the ingredients read slightly differently. I didn't write them down, or I'd post.
I was scared of the new one, and bought the version I know and have used for the past year or so. Has anyone tried the version in new packaging? I think it had a pink flower on the front (something rosy colored, at least).
password: curls
(wishful thinking on my part)


  • NessyNessy Posts: 788Registered Users
    :shock: Say it ain't so! I haven't seen the new version. I still buy the one in the white bottle w/ black writing. Don't tell me they changed the formula - why mess with a good thing!

    Do you remember if the new version was at least CG friendly? I hope they didn't go and add cones to it.
  • winnie_pwinnie_p Posts: 20Registered Users
    I do think it was still CG--no cones that I remember seeing, and I did pay attention when scanning through ingredients. It still looked similar, but the ingredients definitely read slightly differently.
    I was too chicken to pick it up instead of the tried and true version.
    password: curls
    (wishful thinking on my part)

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