Need an alternative for store-bought gel!

I just bought this 20$ gel from this store that supplies products to salons. I was really hoping this would be "the" product. Yeah, not really! It was horrible! I'm sure it would work for someone who wants tons of volume and no curl definition. But sadly that's the exact opposite of what I want. I am so disappointed. The only good thing is it made my hair really shiny. On the bottle it said 5/5 Hold, 2/5 shine and 5/5 volume. The second it touched my hair it made my hair big. :cry:

Where I live there aren't very many silicone free conditioners. And even a smaller amount of gels. I'm tired of spending a ton of money on products that I throw away once.

I read something here about flax seed gel? How do you make it? And is it any good? I am desperate for something that doesn't make my hair look like a sheep who got electrocuted. Is it worth buying a good gel online and paying the price of the product or more for shipping? Should I give up on gel and try to find a silicone free curl creme (AKA leave in conditioner)? Or should I just use no product (it actually works out okay, it's just my curls are more delicate.)?

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    Hi there!!

    As far as the FSG goes, there are several recipes floating around through the site. You can do a search for them at the top. While it's no guarantee, a lot of people do love it and it gives them great results. I haven't tried it myself (too lazy to make it!) but there is an NC user on here named Botticelli Babe who has her own little Etsy shop. She makes and sells her own hair products there including the FSG. I actually just bought some her new Styling Mudd which is supposed to be similiar to the FSG but made with okra instead of flax seed.

    For store-bought (inexpensive) gels, there are quite a few choices out there. Some of the ones that are popular on this site include LA Looks Sports Gel, Herbal Essence Totally Twisted, Herbal Essences Set Me Up, Biotera Curl Gel and other good choices. I personally use La Bella Sports Gel which is similiar to the LA Looks Sports Gel. I bought it at Target and paid 1.99 for 20 oz.!!!! I think I'm set with it for the next few years lol. Good luck on your search and keep reading some older threads and asking questions!!!
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    Here is the thread hippiechic was talking about:

    You will definitely want to try FSG before you give up on any store-bought or online gels and products. It's great stuff. Some people can get away with it as their only styler (namely the curlier gals), but I'm a wavy, and I need hard hold to get my waves going. I like adding a little hard-hold gel on top, and I'm set. There are so many things to add to FSG and so many ways to make it your own. You might just want to start with a basic recipe first, and then start adding some goodies. Popular FSG additives are things like agave nectar, honey, oils, essential oils, magnesium sulfate (for curl enhancement), etc. I even added cornstarch to my gel on a whim and it turned out awesome. :) You can also soak your seeds overnight to give your gel more hold. It really is amazing stuff, and it's so cheap, you will want to keep experimenting with it. Don't give up on it if it doesn't work the first time -- it took me a while to get a routine down with it, but it was worth it. ;)

    HTH! Hope I didn't overwhelm you with all this info. :)
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    Thank you so much! I will definitely give FSG a try!
    3a, 3b (corkscrew)
    Texture: mostly medium except for some messed up parts on top which are coarse.
    Porosity: High
    Location: Israel
    Haircut: I got my hair majorly thinned!!! Best thing I ever did!

    Still looking for the perfect products! And trying to deal with hard water!
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    FSG is the next best thing to sliced bread!
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