Dry frizzy edges?

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Hey ladies,

I have an annoying problem; my edges are extremely dry, frizzy, and have absolutely no curl definition. The rest of my hair is very defined and feels pretty moisturized and healthy. I just can't figure out why my edges are so dry and undefined? I usually keep my hair pulled back in a loose bun all day. I co-wash every day which seems to be doing wonders for the rest of my hair. I use different oils after showering, deep condish once a week, and pineapple at night.

I'm not sure what the heck to do about this dry frizz. If I had a camera I would post a pic.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    I have this same problem! For me, it's mainly the front edges and the nape. Like you, they are so dry and frizzy! When my hair is wet, I can see curls wanting to form, and I try to encourage them by finger coiling, but they never clump - they just become a frizzy mess! I can't stand it.

    Right now I'm using Yes to Carrots, Bed Head Moisture Maniac, and Giovanni's Smooth as Silk. Sometimes I'll use KCKT and KCCC, which helps with the frizz, but my edges are still so dry. I also deep condition once a week with Mixed Silk.

    I wish I could offer helpful advice, but I'm in the same boat! :sad5:
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    I have the same problem. I think it is because my hair has low porosity and my hair line is extremely fine. I stopped wearing a scarf or bonnet because it seemed like the little bit of moisture that my hair line got was being absorbed by the fabric. Now I put my hair in a loose low pony tail and sleep with a silk fabric on my pillow. When i do wash n goes, I make sure that I add product to that area first. This area dries the fastest.

    You may want to try using your moisturizing product on that area before you go to bed.
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    I don't have this problem but I'm thinking maybe a moisturizer applied and then a gel over it when styling.

    Like maybe apply a moisturizing leave-in on them first and then lightly apply a gel to keep them tamed. Like if you smooth the gel into the hair and not scrunch may help the curls form and smooth out some.

    Suggestion for a moisturizing leave in.. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie used lightly and then a gel of your choice. I personally like how Shea Moisture and Fruit of the Earth Gel work together.
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    Steaming the hair/face really helps with that. I had the same problem. Also, make sure you're not getting soap in your hair when you wash your face. Use a cloth headband to protect your hairline while washing.
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    I have the same problem. I'm still transitioning so I frequently wear buns to work and my edges tend to look frizzy. I usually apply a little shea butter and then tie it down with a satin scarf for about 30 minutes and it seems to help. Oh and if its not on a wash day I will mist my edges a little before I apply the shea butter.
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    I used to have this problem. I had pretty curls from the roots to about two inches from the ends, then a big frizzy mess. To fix it, I started conditioning in sections and making sure I smoothed the conditioner all the way down my hair. I also style in sections, but my very last step (after I take all the sections down and make sure everything's sitting more or less how I want it to) is to take a little extra gel and lightly scrunch the very ends of each layer. My hair hates any more scrunching than that, so I was nervous when I first tried it, but it works wonders. Good luck to you and hth!
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    This may sound like a stupid question but...are you making sure to focus on your edges when applying your moisturizers and oils? A lot of places and people recommend avoiding the roots/edges to avoid greasy hair (even conditioner bottles will say this). But if those parts are dry, maybe you should focus some attention to them?
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    Castor oil has worked wonders for my dry frizzy edges. They're not so dry and frizzy anymore and I've been using castor oil since January.
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    Wow, lots of great advice and tips! Thank you!

    Marah Mizrahi - thanks for the 'Shea Moisture' suggestion! I've been using it for the past week and, so far, it has been keeping my hair pretty well moisturized. :)
    I have been eyeballing that Huetiful Steamer... principessa1984, what do you use to steam your hair?

    I've been using a lot jojoba oil and coconut oil, but those seem to be hit and misses. I'll have to give castor oil a try.

    Thanks again for the help, ladies! I've been using your suggestions, and I've seen an improvement in my hair since I started this topic. :toothy8: