Steps/product suggestions to use after removing a sew-in to prevent tangles/matting

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Hi ladies, I am a long term transitioner and have a few questions on what I should do once a take down my protective style. I currently have a sew-in, and its about that time to take it down. Question is, once I take it down, what steps/product suggestions should I use to prevent tangling/matted, and prevent damage to my hair? I know there will be shedding due to my hair being braided underneath for 2 months, so that's not a concern, I just want to make sure that I don't have a horror story like some I have heard about due to hair tangling/matted after taking down. Do I detangle while hair is dry, do a hot oil treatment, deep condition, and or protein treatment after take down? I will be taking my sew-in down this weekend, plz help!

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    I don't know too much about sew ins so check with some type of stylist. But from my knowledge I wouldn't detangle dry because that could cause serious breckage. Find a good detangling conditioner and take your time removing the shed hairs. I hope this helps some.

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    • 1 more month until I hit the half a year mark :). My second transition... I will complete it this time!:pirate:
    • Long-term transitioning..(estimated..24 months):toothy5:

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