Eyeliner that doesn't run!?!?

TheSimbaLookTheSimbaLook Registered Users Posts: 13
By the end of the day, my eyeliner is smudged and smeared and running down my face :( please help! Any brands/ tips/ tricks that you girls know that might prevent this from happening??? Thanks :)


  • aliquotaliquot Registered Users Posts: 227
    What kind are you looking for: pencil, gel, cake, liquid...? These are the ones I know with the best lasting power.

    Pencil: Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, Make Up For Ever Aqua eyes pencils, Milani liquif'eye

    Gel: MAC fluidline, Bobbi Brown gel liner, Wet N Wild mega eyes creme liner

    Liquid: Make Up For Ever aqua liner (they're new), Inglot duraline

    Also, you can try setting your liner with a powder.
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    use primer beforehand

    try using eyeshadow as your liner instead of pencil or liquid

    Set pencil liner with eyeshadow
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    Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil - 20+ colours with a money-back guarantee that they will stay on until you take them off!

    otherwise, everything my esteemed colleague Phoenix says!

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  • *Marah**Marah* Registered Users Posts: 8,032 Curl Neophyte
    Revlon Colorstay eyeliners. It's affordable and can be picked up immediately at your local drugstore or Walmart. I have very oily lids and this formula works extremely well for me all day.
  • bluesheepbluesheep Registered Users Posts: 300
    Smashbox Jet Set. It's a cream, so it goes on easily and stays where you put it. And for me, it's absolutely budge-proof (my eyelids are super oily, even with primer). Drawbacks: it's a little pricey, and it dries out faster than I'd like (even when I put the lid on tightly and keep it in a sealed baggie in my makeup bag). I've also used Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Liner with good results. I prefer the texture over the Smashbox (it's somewhere between a gel and a cream), and it's less expensive. The downside is that it's not quite as indestructible as Jet Set (although pretty close).
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    For another budget-friendly option you could consider L'oreal lineur intense felt tip eyeliner. Really bold color, easy to apply, and doesn't budge. It's really like drawing with a felt tip marker :)
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    I've heard Stila Kajal and Urban Decay pencils don't run...goodness knows everything else I've tried does
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    The wet n wild cream liners. They don't move. I like it more than mac, urban decay, and make up forever.

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