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curly101curly101 Posts: 3Registered Users
So i saw a thread about olive oil 4 curly hair. I don't have olive oil(weird). I have a few questions about using evoo

1. Is it ok if i use canola oil?

2. Is it just for african american curls?

3. What is your experience with using evoo?


  • curlycandy3curlycandy3 Posts: 219Registered Users
    I use EVOO in my DT's a lot. My hair really likes oils, and EVOO makes it very soft but costs less than say, my favorites: coconut and argan oils. I have 3b/3c curls, medium and coarse textures mixed. Hope that helps :) :)
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    I've never tried canola oil on my hair, EVOO is cheap and easy to find.

    No it's not just for African American curls.

    Buy some EVOO and start out with a small amount and see if your hair likes it. Before a shower, I'd start out just rubbing a bit between my palms and start smoothing it on the ends of my hair, working my way up. Stay away from the roots the first time. Leave it on for 30 min and see how it rinses out for you.
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    There are 3 oils proven to penetrate the hair shaft, EVOO, EVCO, and avacado.
    Other oils may penetrate slightly (meadowfoam seed oil), others do not (jojoba, safflower).
    If you want your oil to condition and strengthen your hair, then choose EVOO, EVCO, or avacado.
    Of the 3 of those, I find EVCO the easiest to wash out, and leaves my hair the softest. EVOO is second on my list. Avacado last, nothing wrong with it in particular, just personal preferance as EVOO is easier.
    If you just want to seal in moisture (on wet hair, on dry hair, there is no moisture to seal in!), then most any oil will do. Although some are hard to wash out (mineral oil).
    If you are unsure of an oil, you can search this site, which I am sure it has been discussed to some extant either in the articles or in the forums. Or google it with the words "for hair" or "benefits for hair".
    HTH :)

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