In need of a natural/organic conditioner

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Hey...i've been using Kera Care dry and itching scalp conditioner and i want to pitch it and get one thats organic. Any suggestions on good one?


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    I just switched from that same conditioner. Yes To Carrots has a conditioner that is $7.99 at Target and $8.99 from Walgreens. Shea Moisture has several conditioners (curl enhancing, yucca, african black soap, and raw shea butter) that are $10.00 at both Walgreens and Target. If you are looking for something cheap, but doesn't have silicones or parabens Suave, Garnier Pure Clean, and Tresemme Naturals are good conditioners.
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    whoops, I posted twice sorry.
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    How did you like it. and did you use it as a deep conditioner? And I will definitely try that.
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    Oh, I love the SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Milk soooooo much. Very moisturizing.

    Target also has the curls line and Jane Carter (some stuff in that line can get a bit pricey though). Giovanni, which is at drugstores, is something? Maybe eight? I've heard good things about that but I haven't tried it yet.
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  • NaturallyKasNaturallyKas Posts: 12Registered Users
    How did you like the Carrots Conditioner?
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    How did you like the Carrots Conditioner?

    The carrots conditioner is amazing. I usually apply it then wait 3-5 minutes before I detangle and rinse. The conditioner allows the comb to just slide through and the scent is a light, fresh scent.
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    I use JASON BIOTIN CONDITIONER it's natural and organic.

    I only put it on my scalp and about 3 inches from the root. It it specialized for scalp and you immediately feel it tingling as it soothes.

    Also, I use it as a light poo cause it does produce very tiny suds but there are NO SULFATES and definitely NO CONES.

    I then apply 3 different conditioners to the remaining length of my hair and let sit for about 10 minutes; but, the one I enjoy the most has CONES and it is the ORGANIX MORROCAN ARGAN OIL CONDITIONER.

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    Shea Moisture Shampoo is my new fav, I'm in love with it because its real moisturizing and you get a lot so it will last for some time.
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    Onesta Moisture Balancing conditioner. I love this stuff.
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    I believe the Nature's Gate line is organic.
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