Henna on brunette hair??

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How red could I get my hair (see my avatar) with henna? I don't want to bleach my hair before I henna. I don't have any henna yet, so any recommendations would be welcome. I am tossing around this idea. Thanks! :toothy8:
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  • AllyTAllyT Registered Users Posts: 613
    It probably won't make your hair red. My hair is a little lighter than your's naturally, and henna gives it a red cast and red highlights where I used to have natural golden highlights. It also darkened my hair about a shade or 1/2 a shade. I'm definitely still a brunette.

    I had some chemically-done highlights in my hair prior to hennaing, and the henna didn't touch them at all. I think bleached hair is henna-resistant, or at least mine was.

    You may try honey treatments to lighten your hair - longhaircommunity.com has a recipe for a lightening hair treatment.

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