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I do most of my long, rich DT masks as pre-poo treatments. But I was wondering if I'm getting the full benefit since I'm putting them on hair that hasn't been co-washed in a couple of days and has some product on it (LI, curl cream or gel).

I've done yogurt & honey masks, olive oil & honey masks, mayo mask among other concoctions. All pre-poo on "dirty" hair.

Would co-washing before doing these be more beneficial?
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    I would say that you are getting the full benefits of the DT masks as pre-poo. In very dry conditions, you can do a DT after you cowash as well .

    For the past 4 months, I've done a pre-poo on "dirty" hair. My hair absorbs more of the product than if I co-washed. As a result, after I shampoo/low-poo/cowash, my hair is softer and moisturized than if I co-washed prior. I still do a DT afterward because the climate here can be unpredictable.

    I'm assuming this is because the hair has already absorbed all the moisture, is now dry, and in need of moisture. Cowashing prior fills the "pores" of the hair with water and conditioner so when you do the pre-poo, the hair cannot absorb as much.

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