Which colors would look best on me?

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I've always had a problem determining if I'm cool tone or warm toned and what colors to wear for makeup/clothes/jewelery, etc. Can I get some opinions? Here are two pics of me in different lighting for comparison. I also have a lot more on my blog.

What I've been doing lately is leaning more towards cool in the winter when I don't get as much sun and go more porcelain and more towards warm in the summer when my complexion goes more peaches and cream. Should I continue to do this? Also, should I wear silver or gold jewelery? Thanks for the help! :)




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    fluffy, to be honest, you look like you have pretty neutral colouring, so you could wear either gold or silver jewelry.

    are the veins on your arms more green or blue in appearance? blue is cool and green is warm.

    do you have dark brown eyes?
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    I do have dark brown eyes. My hair has some gold running through it in the summer due to the sun I suppose, but it's a level 4 or so coloring.

    I have both green and blue veins, so I suppose you're correct. I'm just stuck in the middle. :)
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    stuck in the middle is anything but *stuck*!

    you have more options to play with colour than someone who is very decidedly one or the other.

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    I' ve had my "colors done" to determine if I was warm or cool and which colors looked well on me. I think I'm also in the middle (though tending toward warm) because the experts disagreed.

    One way to tell which is helpful - which color jewelry looks better on you - all gold or all silver? If there is no clear winner, and you wear different jewelry depending on your clothing - then have both warm and cool tones in your skin and can wear a greater variety of clothing than many other people.

    From your pictures, if I had to guess, I would say you have warm coloring because the warm corally colored top looks better with your complexion than the white or ivory/white top with the white jewelry. That washes you out a little. Of course it is difficult to be certain because images on a computer aren't that accurate, color wise.

    Some other ways to help determine whether you look better in warmer or cooler tones:

    Do you have freckles on your face (tends to be warm)

    Do you look better in hot pink cheeks with fuschia lipstick (cool) or peachy cheeks with corally lipstick?

    Try wrapping two towels around your head to cover your hair. A hot pink or fuschia or navy one (cool) versus an orange, or red orange or peachy one (warm). Which makes your skin look better?

    In any case, you have very striking, dramatic coloring, so I would think most pastels and very neutral colors would look insipid on you. You have very high contrast between your hair and your skin and your eyes look dark, so you will most likely look sensational in striking, dramatic, high contrast colors. For example, a black, navy or red suit with a white or ivory blouse is likely to look more exciting on you than a beige suit with a pale yellow blouse.

    Hope that helps!
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