NYC newbie - is it okay to ask another CG member who cuts their hair?

eggplantcurleggplantcurl Posts: 6Registered Users

I'm new to the boards but have been reading them for a while. I'm in NYC and looking for a hair stylist rec, from one board member in particular whose photos are great and whose hair is similar to mine, I think.

I have wavy, very thick/dense, smooth hair that frizzes like crazy and that I think is 2C. Not sure about porosity and whatnot, but stylists usually tell me that my hair is very "healthy."

After years of giant-pyramid hair as a child, one awful mullet, then long hair with no style, then a short pixie cut, then bob length but usually straightening it, I've grown it long and want to finally make peace with it and see if I can wear my hair curly (or wavy).

I've been reading the boards for a while, experimenting with different products, and recently got my hair cut by one of the Deva-trained stylists recommended on these boards. The first cut was okay, but the second was terrible (strange layers that sat on top of other layers causing ALMOST a pyramid and a lot of poof). I'm not ready to give up on trying to do CG but I do want to find a new stylist.

I've been browsing the boards for a while and one of the CG members who has posted lots of photos has hair that looks very similar to mine (if not quite the same). I'd really like to find out who cuts her hair because it looks great, and I think she is also in NYC. Is there appropriate etiquette for finding this out? Can I post with her CG name in the subject line? Or is there a better way to try to reach out? I'm not sure if she's active on the boards anymore.

Thanks all.


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    You could send her a private message (pm). Do you know how to do that yet?
  • eggplantcurleggplantcurl Posts: 6Registered Users
    I didn't but I think I just figured it out - you go to their profile and click on "send private message"... right?
  • pprMACHEheartpprMACHEheart Posts: 1,665Registered Users
    ^ yes, that's exactly the way to do that.
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    most folks here are very flattered when someone admires their hair and wants to know who cuts it. after all these years of being told our curls are ugly, admiration is pretty nice, so not to worry!!
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