Take those vitamins!!

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I know this is a given around here - everyone is really good about their vitamins. I got a tad bit lazy last month and got lax in taking mine.

I didn't notice much growth after I dyed my hair at the beginning of the month - my grays usually tend to pop out after about a week and look kind of like glitter in my black hair. Not so much this time.

I bought new hair vitamins from the Vitamin Shoppe called Maxi Hair last Monday and have been taking them religiously all week with my usual calcium, magnesium and biotin (which I also slacked on) - with food for maximum absorption.

HOLY COW MAN! It seems my hair has exploded out of my head! :tongue: The vitamins really do make such a huge difference! Even in just one week.

Lesson learned! :tongue3:
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    ITA. I started taking Biotin in the beginning of January along w/my prenatal vitamin. I happened to cut about 3 to 4inches off my hair at the end of January and my hair is already bk to the length it was before I cut it!

    I don't know if it was just a coincidence that my hair grew that quickly however I will take the risk of that coincidence happening again! Lol. Therefore I will be sure to continue taking my vitamins everyday.
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    I also took these pills a couple of months ago, and I must agree I also had AMAZING growth. The problem however was the MSM in the pills was making my period extremely irregular . Also the taste of the pills was way too strong for me it was hard to swallow the pills (I HATE the taste of vitamins). I'm now taking a gummy multi-vitamin, along with biotin, fish oil (for shiner hair), and iron (for my anemia), and using an MSM shampoo and conditioner... I've been getting the same results and growth as when I took the Maxi Hair... Your so lucky you can take the Maxi Hair w/o any side affects :) I've got several bottles left and I have NO idea what to do with them...
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    This reminded me to take my vitamins today - GNC's HSN, Women's Ultra, and MSM. Need to be more consistent with them.
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    I keep forgetting to take my vitamins. My hair grows a bit better when I do that.
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