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    Yep.. sometimes your hair will stop liking a certain product or ingredient. That's pretty common. My hair used to hate olive oil, but then it started to like it. Don't ask me why. :dontknow: Maybe one day it will hate olive oil again..
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    I've had that happen as well. I noticed with me it happens more with serum like products though.
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    I feel ur pain! At least it's just ur hair. I have to change EVERYTHING periodically...I make my friends laugh all the time when I tell them I change my toothpaste just in case. LOL
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    That often happens to me when my length changes. My bra strap curls loved one set of products, styling methods, and bedtime routine; and my newly shorn curly bob the complete opposite.

    Is your hair much longer now because that might be it. Kccc is a heavyish product so if more length is already weighing down/stretching your curls a bit, the kccc could be amplifying the effect.
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    The same thing happened to me I lived kccc when I did the BC now my hair is asking what I thinking. Nothing now gets my hair the sane results. It can be completely frustrating.

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