Is Herbal Essence CG/No Poo?

I am looking at beginning the CG/No Poo approach to my hair. I started by looking at the products I was already using which include Tousle Me Softly Shampoo and Conditioner and Totally Twisted Mousse. From what I can tell the mousse should be ok but the shampoo and conditioner are not that great yet when I do a product search for CG/No Poo products they come up on the list...

Can someone help me? Are the products CG or not?


  • BlacksheepBlacksheep Registered Users Posts: 10
    The point of no poo is to not use poo (shampoo that is) so don't bother with researching them.

    As far as what works...well it depends on you and your hair. Before I went 100% natural, I was no poo with Aussie moist. It worked and I loved my shiny, soft, bouncy hair. Now I don't use any artificial chemicals or anything and use Nature's Gate Hemp as my conditioner along with a weekly olive oil mayo deep conditioning.
  • BlacksheepBlacksheep Registered Users Posts: 10
    On and personally HE burnt my bad that it was flaking for almost a month. My hair started falling out and I had chemical like burns on my neck.
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    I'm not sure on the conditioner...I've never used it and I'm not familiar with the ingredients. Obviously with a no poo routine, you wouldn't use the shampoo at all because it has sulfates in it.

    I do know that HETT mousse and gel is is HE Set Me Up gel.
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