Calming Hair Down after a Cut

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Just got a curly cut-- my 3rd, but the first time with this stylist. I think that it's a really good cut and that the layers he put in will help my hair to curl better in the long run. The thing is, my hair is sort of freaking out-- all the new layers are flipping out in a way that you can tell they were just snipped. I know that they just have to adjust and fall back into place, but is there anything I can do to help to soothe my hair in the mean time? Maybe an ACV rinse?
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    Have a nice cup of tea, reassure yourself that your hair will settle in after a wash or 2. I do a *little* knitting and people do what's called "blocking" the knit wool piece to get it to take on a lovely shape (wet it, set it in the right shape to dry) because everything looks wonky at first. Hair is that way too.
    Have some chocolate. I think that helps a lot. Or a nice walk in the woods. It will settle in. DH just cut his hair and it took several days to take on the right shape again.
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    I have the opposite problem that you do -- my hair curls up so much after a cut, and then falls flatter! It drives me nuts because I'm never sure how it's REALLY going to turn out until after a week or two.

    I like IAgirl's advice. It will settle in, but you probably just have to wait. Just keep doing whatever you usually do to it, and it'll get better sometime soon. ;)
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