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Just wondering did anyone buy the curly girl book? If so did you like it? Was it worth buying?
Thanks a bunch!


  • kathymackkathymack Posts: 9,999Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    There's a long thread about the "new" book that came out at the beginning of the year.

    I thought the first book was a waste of money. This one, however, comes with a DVD. It shows you how to "treat" your hair. I could never use all of the product that the models use, but I did incorporate a lot of the technique into my routine. At this point, the book is under $10, so not a biggy.

    I also bought a copy for my stylist (who's a good friend.) He enjoyed the first book (I gave him mine), so I thought he'd like this one even better.
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    ITA with Kathymack. If anything it's only $10 and gives you someplace to start taking care of your curls. Still haven't watched the DVD tho.
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  • prettycurlyprettycurly Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thanks I think I'll go buy the book if it's only $10.
  • mslittlelalamslittlelala Posts: 139Registered Users
    I agree the first one is a TOTAL WASTE!
    The second one... A tad better but nothing to write home about.
    If I had 2a-3b hair I'd probably find it more useful but there's nothing
    I mean NOTHING in that book you can't find on here or another site.
    Save your money I saw the rave reviews and thought it would be great
    sadly disappointed.
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  • NancyV908NancyV908 Posts: 108Registered Users
    I think it's worth it b/c as others have said it's cheap. I like it much better than the first one. It's a fun read.

    It's true there is a lot more info here but this site can be so overwhelming--the book is much simpler & a good start. However, it doesn't cover stuff like protein (which I believe Lorraine Massey doesn't believe in, but I have found helpful for my hair type) or dewpoints or lots of other details. But it doesn't make my head spin either, like this site does. And I agree the DVD is very helpful--parts of it, anyway. I don't know why they put a section of Lorraine making hair recipes on it, for instance.

    I have found the Live Curly, Live Free ebook much more helpful. Much of its info is available free on the website, but I think buying the ebook is worthwhile b/c the extra content is very useful.
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  • southernfibersouthernfiber Posts: 20Registered Users
    I had the first one years ago, and it was a waste of time to read. I flipped through the second book standing in Barnes and Noble and read the parts that applied to my hair... I noticed she made the system a lot more realistic, and offered much better advice. The thing is, most, if not all of what's in the book can be found on this site. So I don't plan on purchasing the book myself, but for 10 dollars, it's not a bad buy, and you will have a hard copy of the CG method and how to care for your curls. Plus, the second book is WAY inspiring, and will make you love your curls just by reading it! Let us know what you think! :)

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  • curlypearlcurlypearl Posts: 12,231Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I didn't find the first book very helpful, and I really hesitate to buy the second book but I'm very glad I bought it. I got much more out of it than the first book and I found the DVD helpful. I recommend it.
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  • Goin'GreyGoin'Grey Posts: 301Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I read them both. The first one helped me a lot, but I was not even CG then, so it helped me become CG, along with this website.

    Now, Lorrain Massey is going to kill me, move on in close girls, cause I got to wisper this...
    I got them both out of the library. Got 'em - Read 'em - Returned 'em. That's right, I said it.:walk:
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  • creativelicensecreativelicense Posts: 422Registered Users
    Goin'Grey wrote: »
    I read them both. The first one helped me a lot, but I was not even CG then, so it helped me become CG, along with this website.

    Now, Lorrain Massey is going to kill me, move on in close girls, cause I got to wisper this...
    I got them both out of the library. Got 'em - Read 'em - Returned 'em. That's right, I said it.:walk:

    I did the same thing! Although I did buy the second book. I got the first one from the library, and then ordered the second one right after it was released. I think its got some good info. Though most of it and more can be found on here.
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  • swtndspcyswtndspcy Posts: 692Registered Users
    I found the section on DIY trimming/cuts very useful. I am aiming for being able to maintain my hair myself for as long as possible (no CG salons, or even curly experts that I have found around here!).

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