How do you wear your hair for an interview?

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Good morning,

I saw this question asked on some other boards but not this one so I thought I'd ask how you wear your hair on an interview.

I usually do a half up half down do with natural wavy curly texture but I am debating on either defining curls more, straightening it or putting it up in a french twist.

I totally suck at fixing my hair so all of the above will require a practice session. lol

Meanwhile, I don't even really want this job but I want in at the company so I want to at least impress HR. :)

Thanks in advance!

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    I recently asked a similar question for a similar occasion.
    I think you have to consider the type of company you're interviewing with - how do people dress, how do women employed there wear their hair?
    What impression do you need to give?
    I think "all your hair in a neat updo" is ideal. It gives a very polished, intentional, professional impression. Especially with longer-than-shoulder-length hair.

    But I also like your idea of defining your curls more. Won't work for those of us with super-fine (thin) hair - might work for you.

    If you're not totally confident with your styling skills, stick with the French twist or a low bun and don't pressure yourself to learn to style your hair in style "X" before date "Y." It's really important that you feel very comfortable and confident and are not distracted by how your hair looks so that you can focus on the interview. I know it seems like something you can easily ignore, but one needs every little boost of confidence one can get and that means a reliable (and user-friendly!) hairstyle.
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    Not sure how the people dress there. I haven't been there before. I am going to assume on the side of professional. I wear jeans to my current job so I know it will be more professional than that. :) The job I am interviewing for is an entry level job even though I have a master's degree. I have an app in for a higher up job that would utilize my education (while the job I am applying for I could do in my sleep like my current job). My first part is with HR and 2nd part is with department. So I definitely want to impress HR.

    My hair holds curl rather well but they always like to morph together into banana curls if I do too many (or if a stylist does it I always try to warn them and i end up looking like shirley temple). I may try the french twist for a more professional look. My hair doesnt do well in a bun. It is so fine that it is golfball sized at most when bunned up.

    Thanks for the advice. I definitely need a confidence boost!
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  • Olivia311Olivia311 Registered Users Posts: 17
    My thoughts are similar to the previous poster.

    For interviews I almost always wear my hair up in a twist. I feel it's my most professional look, and I work in a professional field (engineering.) If I worked in a more image centered or 'hip' field like fashion, design, marketing/sales I would probably go for the defined curl down look.
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    Olivia-Thanks for the input! This job is in education, but not a school.

    I guess I will freshen up my french twist skills. I usually use a claw thing but that's not professional so I will practice with bobby pins. :)
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  • IAgirlIAgirl Registered Users Posts: 2,540 Curl Neophyte
    If your curls tend to clump into a few huge curls (mine do...) then this might be a pretty hairstyle for you to do at the nape of your neck and let your hair cascade and do its thing, so you get the best of both worlds (updo and youthful curls):
    Living | Hair making you hotter? Take it up | Seattle Times Newspaper
  • IAgirlIAgirl Registered Users Posts: 2,540 Curl Neophyte
    And I just looked at the title of the article I posted "Hair Making You Hotter" and I thought - mmm hmm, double entendre.
    I certainly hope it does!
  • NightAngelXNightAngelX Registered Users Posts: 7

    That's how I wear my hair every night! lol No bobby pins. I call it a lazy bun. :)
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  • pedahehpedaheh Registered Users Posts: 4,812 Curl Neophyte
    I'd suggest using U-shaped hair pins for a twist. I'm sure youtube has tutorials if you need tips. (a blog to help new wavies, go to the how do I get started page)
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    I am going to be right there with you, unfortunately, and definitely think the half-up wavy is the best balance of professional but not severe looking, so that is what I'm doing. Letting it dry curly first then pulling back the front and securing it (low not high). I also don't have a suit! Oh well. It's summer in Florida, I certainly hope I can get away without a jacket.
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  • swtndspcyswtndspcy Registered Users Posts: 692
    +1 for the French Twist! It's one of my favorite hairstyles, it can either be polished and professional or a little undone and sexy. :) I find a side comb helps keep it in place a little better than bobby pins alone. But maybe that's because I have fine hair.

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