Bunch of curl patterns???

RingletTeenLoveRingletTeenLove Posts: 116Registered Users
My hair has so many curl patters. Most 3c/b but some is wavy and some is coiled anda few strainds r straight. But when i have no product in and l comb it down it gets weird. Idek what to call it then hahaha :afro: it gets like an afro but curly and flatter but if i comb it alot it get poofy and sorts odd what is this....((??))????:fish::laughing1:


  • Blonde_Wave_LoverBlonde_Wave_Lover Posts: 37Registered Users
    yeah same, i have less wavy hair at the front, a few strait bits at the top back and a mix of wurlies, waves, and little ringlets :O haha idk what it is but im looking for something to try and get the straightish/slightly wavy parts up to speed :)
  • twirlerbby94twirlerbby94 Posts: 7Registered Users
    I completely know what you mean. My bangs and bottom of my hair are almost completely straight and i have to scrunch them to make them look curly. Most of my hair is like 3b with some 3c on the sides so I empathize. I wouldn't recommend combing with no product in, however. Especially if your hair is dry. I find that it completely screws up my clumps and makes my curls kinda stringy. :p

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