What's your 3C hairstyle?? Inspire me!

JuDee7JuDee7 Posts: 18Registered Users
Hey there:love5:...well...i'm transitioning right now and really anxious to have my curls grow back..I'm from the Philippines and there are not much girls embracing their curls right now:disgust:..I might be just one of the hmmm 10%?? embracing it.

Right now I just want to see what different hairstyles :afro: are available for 3c ladies out there so that I'd know what I want to have a few months from now...Inspire me!!

Post ur pics and tell me what cut it is or hair color you have (if you had it done).


Thanks a million!! xoxo


  • star9493star9493 Posts: 5Registered Users
    I'm in search of a new style myself :)
  • JuDee7JuDee7 Posts: 18Registered Users
    thanks star9493...U look fabulous!! Cant wait for mine! ;):viking:
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    last relaxer; 082708, BC; 081810, CG; 122410
    high porosity, med/coarse texture, high density, color treated
    condish;TN, DevaCurl Heaven in Hair stylers; Heaven in Hair, DevaCurl Curl Cream oils;Castor Oil

    YTChannel: http://www.youtube.com/user/papiermachecurls

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    I do Teri LaFlesh's Tightly Curly method when I've just washed it. (Slather hair with conditioner, then smooth each curl: The Rules My hair is at about shoulder-length in its curly state, so it takes me about an hour, but I don't mind it.) It'll last about 2-3 days. After that I put it up in a puff pony until I wash again.
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