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what combos and products do you use on your hair to de frizz and bring the curls back to life

i like the hair nectar and a bit of kccc on dry hair need help defining dry hair ??


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    For my hair, the key to successful 2nd day hair is getting the right product and styling done on washday, day 1. Here's my routine:

    • No-poo or co-wash
    • Moisturizing conditioner or deep condish to detangle
    • Scrunch in castor oil, Qhemmet OHHB or a Qhemet BRBC on the ends over conditioner
    • Cool water rinse, leaving some conditioner in. Add some back after the rinse
    • Rake in a moisturizing, coil defining styler (this can be conditioner or a cream). If it's conditioner I usually mix with a little Qhemet OHHB
    • Scrunch out drippies gently with a t-shirt or flour sack towel
    • Gently rake in a soft moisturizing gel
    • Air dry and/or diffuse dry.
    • At night, tie hair around face (hairline) with a silk scarf and gather rest of hair into a scrunci for sleep.
    • In the a.m. I use a combination of Devacurl Set it Free, Qhemet Burdock Root Butter cream and maybe a little Aquage Illuminating Gellade, mixed together and scrunched into my dry hair - maybe 1/2 teaspoon total. I don't re-wet or spritz hair.
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