Spearheading a fundraiser?!

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I need some advice... (yet again)

I have a cousin who was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and chronic pain disorder...I only found this out because she posted something on Facebook about it, and I sent her a message asking if there was anything she needed. Anyways, long story short...
She sends me a message this am saying that god has put it on her heart to have me head a fundraiser to raise money for her treatment. I have no idea what to say to this. I love my cousin...and I'd love to head this fundraiser....but here's where my problem comes in...
she's wanting me to ask friends and family, for money, etc... I work full time, I go to school full time at night...I have two children at home with very rigorous sports schedules... I'm not sure that with my current schedule I'd have time to adequately do something of this magnitude. If I weren't in school, then yes. Absolutely. Another problem I have is that I have never been involved with that side of the family. I have never been a part of it, and don't know 95% of them. I have only spoken to her, maybe twice over the past ten years. I'm not sure how to handle this situation...should I suck it up and try to figure out a way to do this for her? I'm afraid that if I say I can't do it, I will feel forever guilty as if I have let her down.
I'm thinking of suggesting she have someone else head the thing...someone who is closer to her, and the family, and has more mutual contacts as she...and that I will help out.
But I"m not sure that that will even be sufficient. This is a big responsibility, one that I'm not sure I can take on by myself....
Am I being an a-hole about this? Honestly? I can't help but wonder what I would do if I were in her position....


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    God put it in her heart, huh? Oh, that god. Always making work for other people.

    GiveForward.com is about the easiest way to set up an online fundraiser. I used it raise money for a friend whose house burned down while he was on his honeymoon, and gathered $1400ish in two weeks. I actually posted about it here back in March.

    You set up the goal and time limit (both of which you can extend infinitely), write a little something about the recipient, and then just send the link out to everyone. Donation securely takes credit or debit, and then GiveForward sends a check when the fundraiser is over.

    I work and attend grad school f/t too, and this couldn't have been easier; it took me maybe an hour or two total? You could probably set this up pretty painlessly, and then feel secure that you made both your cousin and god happy. I don't think you should feel obligated, though.
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    She's asking you to raise money for her personal treatment? if so, I wouldn't do it.
    You are not even close to her... not to mention you're incredibly busy in your own life.
    I have lupus and fibro and can't imagine asking people for money for my medical bills.
    Sadly with fibro, treatment is iffy as what works varies for each person. It's not like a broken leg where a good dose of vicoden will treat the pain. Fibro isn't just about pain so it's difficult to find meds that work.

    A helpful site is endfatigue.com Tons of great info about fibro.
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    Thanks Moppy, that is definitely something I could do easily.

    CSD-That seems to be the general consensus. I have had several people tell me that they have it or know people who do, and that treatment is a toss up. But it seems that everyone is saying it's a very "livable" disease. I sent her your link along with a couple of others....we'll see how that goes.

    Thank you!

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