Ion keratin smoothing treatment

I just had the Coppola keratin smoothing treatment done on my hair.'s incredible! I love it, love it, love it! It took almost 4 hours to do and since I only cleanse my hair every 5-6 days, I'm hoping that it will last at least 5 months.

Just saw the ION keratin smoothing treatment on Sally's Beauty website and it's only about $20! Seems like you apply it the same way you would apply other keratin treatments and I think it said somewhere online that it lasts 6-8 weeks, but I'm not quite sure. Has anyone tried this product? If so, how often do you cleanse your hair and how long did it last?


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    I buy the Ion Keratin in a $2-3 a travel pak (which lasts me a couple weeks-super concentrated). Is that what you mean? I've only ever seen 1 Ion Keratin treatment...didn't know they sold it in a big pak. Maybe that's why I hit a protein wall recently. I use this at least once a week (not usually leaving it in the full 15 minutes) & sometimes a dime size mixed with another conditioner...
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