Tips for growing thicker hair

smpolisettismpolisetti Posts: 7Registered Users
We all have thinning hair so how do we fix it?

I've heard drinking water, taking vitamins (I'm taking a multi and GNC hair nails and skin so far), eating healthier

What else?


  • CoilyQCoilyQ Posts: 2Registered Users
    There are many causes of hair thinning, but I would try Biotin supplements or biotin enriched shampoo, and see if that helps with thinning reduction first. I would wash with BS about once a month.

    Shen Min has a great line of thickening hair products. They carry everything from supplemets, to Biotin Shampoo, to hair drops, and more. SM"s Supplements are made with chinese herbs, and potent nutrients and extracts.

    I personally recommend this product, becuase I have suffered with severe hair thinning, and after 2-3 months of using the SM topical soultion, I saw significant results. For years I was told it was hereditary, but I believe through using the topical solution, prayer, and CHANGING EATING HABBITS, my hair has thickened in the last 3 months by 70%. I have eating habits in Caps, because it's imp. to know that What enters into our bodies also effects our health including healthy hair growth.
  • tehowardtehoward Posts: 17Registered Users
    Have you ever thought of trying out cassia powder? Cassia obovata can make your hair thicker by strengthening the hair shaft. It can also give your hair more shine.

    You could also try henna. If you don't want to change your hair color, I would opt for cassia.
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    My hair is thin too, and have problems on hair fall.I think I'll be bold soon. :disgust:
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    @Coily, where can i find the Shen Min products???? Store? Website? Thanks

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  • Heaven88Heaven88 Posts: 148Registered Users
    Oops, missing a letter sorry CoilyQ!! 

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  • meganmoncatarmeganmoncatar Posts: 3Registered Users
    The food you eat has a great impact not only to your body but also to your hair. You can research what specific food gives more nutrients to the roots. Also, do a lifestyle check. If your hair is always expose to bad chemicals then most likely it can damage your hair. Thus thinning happens.

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  • gussiegussie Posts: 5Registered Users
    One of the best ways to prevent your follicles shrinking and to grow hair thicker is by improving the circulation in your scalp.Dandruff's can also cause hair fall problems hence use a shampoo that will get rid of the dandruff's. Apply a suitable conditioner after very wash. You can also apply a leave on serum to get tangle free hair.
  • Nicci32Nicci32 Posts: 113Registered Users
    I took tge gnc hair skin n nails n used the whole supply only seen difference in nails. My hair not so much. There is another one that's like $30 n they come in individual packs

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