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    I put the bulk of my makeup in those plastic carry cases you can get at Walmart and leave the ones I use the most out. I still don't know where to put my palettes.

    I put my brushes in a jar filled with clears beads for easy access:


    I need more good brushes. I think I'm stopping at Target to check out Sonia Kashuk brushes

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    There is a GREAT video on youtube by Enkore that compares the MAC brushed to artist brushes that you can get at Michaels and AC Moore. I actually purchased a few and you literally can't tell the difference....except for the price!

    OMG I totally forgot!! Thanks for the reminder.:icescream:
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    I actually like elf's Studio Brushes. They go on sale quite a bit.
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    japonesque has good brushes too and they go on sale at ulta often.

    my brush favs are:
    - MAC
    - Japonesque
    - Sonia Kashuk
    - Sephora
    - Studio Gear
    - Meow
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