What is plopping??

RingletTeenLoveRingletTeenLove Posts: 116Registered Users
What in the heck is plopping and how do i do it.?:protest::tongue::tongue3::dontknow:


  • PRINCETONPRINCETON Posts: 872Registered Users
    lol I think it's when you turn your head upside down to apply product and then flip your head back up and wherever the hair falls is where you let it stay to dry.

    Also, if you have long hair you can grab it up above your head with product in it and let it "PLOP" or land down and where the hair lands is where you let it stay.

    Can also be used when "PLOPPING" product into the curls. As you raise the curl grouped hair with one hand you PLOP product between the hair with the other hand which kind of teases the hair.

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  • KsLiZCuRlZKsLiZCuRlZ Posts: 272Registered Users
    Close princeton but its actually a way to decrease drying time and help curl formation. Its hard to describe just look it up in the search bar

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