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I cant stand the smell of the conditioners I use. I'm pregnant and so I'm really sensitive to smells. Is there any good unscented stuff that anyone has used? I would prefer something I can buy in a store but beggars can't be choosers :).

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    spiral solutions deeply decadent moisturizing treatment is my hg. and, if you ask for a fragrance-free one, she has some. even with the fragrance, i find it very light and it dissipates as my hair dries.
    unfortunately, can't buy it on the street. you can buy it either at her website or on curlmart.
    not sure if curlmart carries the fragrance-free, might have to buy that from her direct. she has great customer service and sends out the products pretty quickly.

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    I have only found very moisturizing fragrance free conditioners online.

    ff ideas:

    Jessicurl comes in unscented, though JC TooShea smells a bit like Italian Seasoning
    Kinky Curly Tiny Twirls Detangling Conditioner has the same ingredients as KCKT, but no fragrance (not tried)

    +1 for Spiral Solutions, ff only if ordered directly from SS and specify ff
    Free & Clear is unscented CG. The conditioner may be too light for you.
    Well-liked companies I have not tried: A bunch on Etsy.com (search for fragrance free conditioner), Marie Dean, Carol's Daughter direct, Alba Botanica (have the soft hold curl cream), Komaza

    CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser is a face cleanser that has conditioner ingredients. I use this for a scalp-only cowash.
    Earth Science has a ff and CG shampoo and conditioner. My hair likes the conditioner for a cowash but not a rinse out
    Jason makes ff, have not tried
    Burts Bees and several other companies make ff CG baby shampoo, have not tried
    Sally's Cure Care co. Loaded with protein. May not be super moisturizing. Have not tried.

    Sometimes ff still has a fragrance due to herbs, coconut, etc.

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    Whole Foods has a decent fragrance free conditioner, in their 360 brand, if you are near one.
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