SOLD! We're Back At It Again Ladies- PJ GIVEAWAY- $40 all together

anonymous_66858anonymous_66858 Registered Users Posts: 110
Ok... so I did another PJ giveaway just a couple of days ago, but I am really trying to curb my habit (and I think I may be a slight hoarder when it comes to products LOL). Please be patient with me and take a look (once again)...

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Shea Moisture Curl Milk (25% left)

Kinky Curly Come Clean (Full Bottle)

Mixed Silk by Silk Elements Deep Conditioner (Comparable to Mixed Chicks)

Ampro Clear Ice Styling Gel

Menthol Pomade (this is a bit difficult to explain- i was given a menthol pomade in 3 travel size jars-put it on your scalp and it leaves a very nice cool, tingling feeling--- it's perfect if you are wearing braids or twists)

Hair Accessories (it's in a travel bag- you will find Ouchless headbands of different colors, Clips, A seamless comb, and scrunchies)

Nail Polish (this is also in the travel bag)

Buff and Shine Nail Block

Simply Natural Eye Shadows (also in travel bag)

Perfume samples (various fragrances)

Bath and Body Works Shower Gel (travel size- never used)

Jewelry (I'm including two beaded necklaces and earrings!!!!)

Ok... I think if I can be rid of all these things I will be finally cured!!! LOL! Whoever buys may actually be getting more stuff (hair, jewelry, etc) in the box, because I am still looking around to get rid of all kinds of things!

Thanks once again ladies!!!!!! Help me out on my road to recovery!


  • ShanettaShanetta Registered Users Posts: 9
    How much for everything?
  • anonymous_66858anonymous_66858 Registered Users Posts: 110
    It's $40 for everything

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