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After conditioning, I have been using these combos since going CG---

KCNT + KCCC - does well but doesn't work well with frizz on humid days. Even when I SOTC, still crunchy. I used this combo for months and tried this amount, that amount.. blah

CK and ReCoil - Fights the frizz but not organic and slightly crunchy

Carol's Daughter Hair Milk - LOVE how SOFT this makes my hair but the FRIZZ can be outta control! This is my third day using it so I'm still experimenting with results to stop the frizz without it becoming a greaseball which I found out the hard way by applying too much.

I want ONE organic, CG friendly product that gives me great curls and FIGHTS FRIZZ!!

Have been CG for about 10 months now and I'm a 3A. Has anyone found this perfect match??

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