So, this is my story.

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Hair has always been a big part of my life. my grandmother was a hairdresser, my mom was a hairdresser, and I'm a hairdresser-in-training. Unfortunately, you fellow curlies probably know what this means :l Damage, damage, damage - My hair's been in a pixie/short layered cut almost my entire life and every color under the sun.

Not to mention, I straightened the heck out of it for almost 10 years and hated the fact that i always had this dry fluffy fluff hair. My best friend used to always make fun of me growing up because when I'd stay over at her house and shower in the morning, she got to see my hair without the heat styling and products.

Last year i grew it past collarbone but soon chopped short again because I thought I just naturally had very course, dry 'kinky' hair wit a mind of its own. Boy was I wrong !

Long story short, I chopped again in November and have been growing my hair out free of chemical color (I henna) and no heat. I'd love to learn more about the 'tricks of the trade' and have some curlies to relate with on my journey to long, curly, healthy happy curls (:


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    Welcome, ss.

    Try to identify what type of curls you have, and check those boards for ideas and feedback.

    Lots of us had no idea what our true hair was before setting the waves and curls free. You are not alone!
  • geckogecko Registered Users Posts: 313 has a link for curly hair stylist training. If you were deva trained, I bet you would be in very high demand in your area.
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