WhAT Products to use.

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I would like something I can easily find at a drug store or grocery store. My hair texture is changing (im 13 btw i dont know if thats why) When i was 6 or 7 my hair was very thick and nappy. When i was 10 my hair was 4a. Now my hair is 3b/c. I even have some straight peices. I am a product junkie (i buy alot of hair products to try bcuz im easily bored) so i want to try something new.:blob8::blob8: hehe anyways what do you guys use cuz i need to get me sum. ps my hair is ULTRRRA thick


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    My from what u r describing u sound like me! I know mousse is not normally recommended for thick hair but I like curls up reviving mousse and herbal essences tousle mensoflty mousse other products I like are deva curl set it free ( that is the only deve curl product I like but u can't get it at drug stores) um aveda be curly has some good stuff but again u can find them at drug stores so basically I would try mousse and I would try twisting it hair so once u put all the product in u take inch to an inch and a half sections then just twist them and let them airdry for me when I do this my strait pieces still are not totally curly but more than being strait

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