Itchy Scalp and thinning hair

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I don't know what is going on, but my hair routine has become hazardous to my hair and no matter what I do, my scalp and hair are not happy!

I use sulfate free shampoo (rarely) and I also Co-wash (with sulfate free conditioner) most of the time. This winter, I got roller sets at dominican salons because my hair loves cold dry weather and looks beautiful silky shiny and healthy when its long and straight.

When the weather and humidity heats up, this style is impossible, so I go back to curly. I have the kind of hair that's so thin and fine that it frizzes when someone looks at it wrong! It seems that washing my hair myself, and wearing it "natural" is actually causing me to lose more hair than when it was straight. Plus my hair doesn't look as shiny and healthy!

First of all, I have to wash it more often, to have decent (not perfect looking curls) which means more stress on the hair.. I have to comb it out in the shower, during which I always lose a golf ball size amt. of hair... Is this normal??!

My curls are simultaneously dry and oily at the same time (I try to add a little olive oil, just a little, but it just sits on top of the strands)! My scalp is sometimes a little sore and very itchy. Not all the time, but right before I wash and sometimes a few days after.

I have no lift to the crown either. The top of my head is thinner, but I can't seem to get lift there for the life of me. When I let it get dirty, it seems to gain body and volume, but then I worry I'm doing damage by not washing often enough. Its flat and horrible looking. I have long hair, but its all the same length. Do you think cutting it in layers will help? I'm so afraid because I have a small head, and with this thinning hair I don't think a short hair cut will suit me.


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    delete account
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    I think that you are stressing your hair by using too much products and too much combing your hair. I agree with curlsinbloom, you also have to check the ingredients of your hair products as well as other methods that you are doing for your hair.
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    :cussing:Ok for some reason Curly Girl won't let me sign in under Greydove anymore. Soooo....I just wanted to say that my hair is doing better and so is my scalp. For one thing I stopped braiding it so tightly and changed the part. I co-washed this morning and combed it very gently with a wide tooth comb.

    I think it also has to do with my vitamins. I was taking iron and hair vitamins before so I'm back on them again. Hopefully my hair was just having a moment.

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