Vancouver, BC

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I have searched on yelp and salon finder and it appears no stylists in the Vancouver area are recommended for curly hair.

Anyone? I really don't want to drive to Seattle for a haircut! The last 3 hair cuts have been brutal...


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    I have a great stylist, she is awesome with curly heads. I originally got her name from a friend who always had the best curls, and I have been going to her for several years now. Her name is Maureen Fielding and she is transitioning from her Yaletown studio to a cottage behind her home in North Vancouver. She's also a dog trainer ( dual career!) and we have done all our puppy training with her too! I think she is holding off on new clients until she's settled in her new studio, but if you're interested I can ask her. Let me know, I'll be talking to her next week.

    Cheers from North Vancouver!
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