Brands Of Shea Butter?

elise.aunaturale_elise.aunaturale_ Registered Users Posts: 3
I keep being told about shea butter, but people don't say what specific brands of it they buy. I've seen shea butter in the stores, but it's always the shea butter that's for the body.

When you say you use shea butter, what do you use specifically?


  • theliothelio Registered Users Posts: 5,374
    i have tried these two brands:

    Butters-N-Bars your source for all natural skin and hair care

    Chagrin Valley All Natural Handmade Soap

    I like them both. butters and bars lasted longer, and have a bigger selection of smells, but is a liitel gritty.

    Chagrin valley is whipped and easy to apply, but a little more expensive.

    I recently discovered a vendor near where i live. so now that i am out of shea butter i can try her products.

    i like trying different brands until i find the one i like most.
  • elise.aunaturale_elise.aunaturale_ Registered Users Posts: 3

    I want to try the Lemon Almond scented whipped Shea Butter. :)
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    I buy unrefined shea butter from Butters-n-Bars. It's cheap, and I can add my own oils, EOs, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I've also purchased unrefined cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and raw African black soap from them. Excellent quality at amazing prices!
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