What is this???

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Ok, so people have talked about purposely getting extra- thick hair thinned? Like, cutting it to get it thinner? How does this work? :happy4:


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    They take thinning sizzors and cut in two places on every section they do. You would still have the same lenth of hair but there would be a lot of little short hairs where they thined it out.

    I used to get my hair thined out all the time 7 years ago. I got sick of all those little short hairs so I haven't had it done in over three years. When those short hairs get split ends it gets frizzy, and there's no way to find all those hairs to trim them.


    I'm on my iPod so sorry for any typing errors!
    2c w/ some 3a on the ends
    Length - just below shoulders when wavy
    texture - under layer fine, everything else medium
    According to the articles of how to determen these:
    Porosity- low
    Density - medium

    shampoo - clear scalp & hair therapy
    rinse out - clear scalp & hair therapy
    leave in - whatever rinse out I'm using at the time
    gel - kccc
    dt - aussie 3 min miracle

    experimenting and open to suggestions!

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