Not liking my hair right now!

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I have been natural for 8months! Last month I decided to get my hair straighten to get my ends trimmed. I didn't keep it straight for to long because I wasn't really feeling it,and I wanted to go back to my curly kinky hair. So I wash my hair and now I have some straight pieces! I am not feeling this!!!!!!!! My twistout's don't look right any more because my hair is too straight and thick anymore .....

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    You have heat damage meaning your hair will stay straight until you cut it off. You can either slowly cut it off or chop it off all at once. I heard that some people have reverted their hair by deep conditioning their hair several times, but I have also heard that nothing repairs the damage and it just needs to be cut off.
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    Thank u I will slowly cut it off

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    You are welcome and good luck!
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    I agree that heat damage generally can't revert and sadly most of it probably will have to go, however since you're cutting it off slowly and not in one big chop, it might be worth trying DC-ing as K.Lee suggested, and also protein treatments (followed up again by a moisturising treatment) to try and get some of the elasticity back.
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    Its not my whole head it just a couple of pieces lol my friend who is natural said it take her hair a wHole yr to snap back.
    Ima do the treatment ,and slowly cut off the pieces of straight hair.

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