What's your Summer 2011 CG hair routine?

GloriaHGloriaH Posts: 21Registered Users
I'm new to adjusting my haircare products depending on weather (I guess Aubrey Organics conditioner every day isn't the best idea). So, I thought I'd learn from people who are experienced in CG.

What's your Summer 2011 CG hair routine?


  • curlytreescurlytrees Curl Neophyte Posts: 46Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Hey Gloria! I've lived in Aruba almost my whole life so I used to ONLY have a summer routine. Gels work wonderful for me. I alternate between lo-pooing and cowashing depending on whether I feel I need extra cleansing or not. I never put in leave in, mostly because I could never get used to having too much creamy products in my hair. Then i just start with the gels. I start with one that has a pretty good hold. I add it either before I towel dry or right after. I scrunch, style and finger comb a bit and then I add a lighter gel that has glycerin as a main ingredient. With this I mix some KY, bed-head cream and apply all over. Let it be, air dry and scrunch out the crunch.

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