Dukan diet

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    What's your diet like now? Do you lift weights?

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    I've been doing a version of Phase 2 on South Beach because my roommate's doing SB. I find it to be a pretty healthy way to eat overall, so it doesn't feel diet-y. Once you get past Phase 1, you should have dropped some pounds and should feel good, too. It's pretty easy to stick with, and there are tons of recipes, both in books and online. Good luck!

    Edit: Have you had your thyroid checked? If your weight hasn't budged despite increased activity, it might be something to check out.
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    Have u considered changing the way you work out? High intensity interval training will burn way more calories during and after a workout than walking at a set pace. Check out Women's Health magazines website for some suggested workouts. Basically you want to do a circuit of weight bearing exercises followed by a one minute burst of heart rate raising activity. For ex, 5 squats 5 pushups 5 an crunches 5 shoulder presses followed by a min of running in place. Then rest one min. Start the same cycle again and repeat this a total of 4 to 5 times. It should take no more than 30 min. This is how my trainer taught me to work out and it has worked tremendously.
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