Need advice desperately!

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I have 3B curls - tighter on top than on the bottom. If all of my hair was like the bottom layer, I'd be one happy girl. Unfortunately, you can't even really SEE that layer. My hairstylist balks when I ask for a relaxer - she wants me to flat iron. But she has short/straight hair and I don't think she realizes the time that consumes. Is there such a thing as a partial relaxer? One that just loosens the curl but doesn't make it stick straight? If not and I go for a "full relaxer", can just the roots be "touched up"? I really just want to feel pretty again and that's the bottom line. Doesn't really matter to me if my hair is straight or curly. Any advice?
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.


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    from my experience, relaxers are not worth it, it's good to flat iron, enjoy your curls.....I did it for was nice in the beginning.....but then it damaged my hair.....especially with coloring...
    three a. :sleepy4:I have always been a curly girl who always wanted straight hair till my old hairdresser convinced me to go curly. I have been styling my hair for about three years and my hair keeps getting better and better. I have a variety of routines but have cut down on experimenting products and found a good stylist who cuts my hair (although he cuts it wet, its hard to find one where I live, but I am happy with him).
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    There are lots of opinions and facts about relaxers. I'll try and stick to the facts.

    1) Most relaxers use the same basic ingredients to straighten your hair. Some might use "organic" ingredients, but they still will straighten your hair. The reason why they may seem to just "release the curl" of your hair and not take it bone straight is because the strength of the product is weaker or because it is left on the hair for a very short period of time. It's a gamble.. I know a few women who tried texturizers and gentle perms only to end up with dry frizzy hair that wouldn't curl like it used to and was too damage to heat style.

    2) Once you start relaxing your hair, it is very dificult to stop. Every few months, you'll have to go back and get your roots touched up. Depending on the difference in texture between the relaxed and natural hair, you might experience breakage and damage to your hair were the relaxed and natural hair meet.

    3) Relaxers are expensive...make sure you're willing to commit to the financial expense of another service...If you color and cut your hair bi-monthly, you'll be spending another 50-80 bucksn in addition to the 100 or so you're already spending.

    What ever you chose to do, make sure you do your research and are wililng to commit. Chemicals are forever...or at least until they grow out. :wink:
    I love my curly hair.

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