For Sale: Jane Carter,Sheamoisture, KeraCare natural textures and More...

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I have the following items for sale:

Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream (almost full) $30

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (almost full 1/4 used) $6

Mixed Silk leave in Cond. ( almost full) $6

KeraCare natural textures cleansing cream, sulfate free (used 2 fingerfulls, also almost full) $10

KeraCare Natural textures hair milk (almost full) $9

Roots of Nature feather whipped curl cream (1/4 used) SOLD!

Botanical spirits Kinky coils pudding (1/4th used) $10

Please PM me if interested. The highest shipping will charge is $6.00, depending on how many items you would like, other items shipping is less or free!

Payments accepted through Paypal.

Thanks Ladies
Happy, Nappy, and Kinky 24/7!!
4/b very coily


  • naiha1naiha1 Posts: 209Registered Users
    Happy, Nappy, and Kinky 24/7!!
    4/b very coily