SWAP OR SALE: TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier and After Party Smoothing Lotion

cmm821cmm821 Registered Users Posts: 4
hey guys,

i'm going cone-free and so am reluctantly parting with these. i'd just bought them so they were maybe used once or twice, they're practically full. i like these products a lot, but as i said, they do have silicone.

so, if anyone's interested let me know. :) i'd be willing to sell them pretty cheaply considering they're like $20 in stores or i'd be happy to swap since i'm still trying out new cone-free products.

p.s. the Curls Rock Amplifier is the OLD version, with the blue and white bottle, which i know some people prefer. :)


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    I dont know how this whole swap thing goes but im interested...

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  • cmm821cmm821 Registered Users Posts: 4
    yeah i'm kind of new to this too so i don't know if there's protocol. i like the whole informal bartering economy thing though.

    if you have any products you want to get rid of that you want to offer as a (more or less equal) trade, i like trying new stuff. or you can buy them. feel free to make an offer. :) you can PM me or just respond here.
  • cmm821cmm821 Registered Users Posts: 4

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