HELP!! It won't stay straight!

siren8780siren8780 Registered Users Posts: 36
I need advice please. :shock: :oops: I use the maxiglide to straighten my hair and it works great. It gets my hair stick straight. The only problem is that it won't stay straight. I've tried using the Pro Tools Ceramic iron and a hot comb (black girls know what I mean). Nothing ever worked as well as the maxiglide, so I'm wondering if I need a better styling product or method.

Ususally my hair will get nice and straight and shiny etc..and then about 20 or 30 minutes later it starts to frizz up and get puffy especially on the ends. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or just not doing. Any advice would be great. I usually use a leave in conditioner by L'Anza and the straightening gel that comes with the maxiglide. I also add a frizz control lotion too.
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    I've yet to have that problem. I usually don't use cones until it's time to flat iron, then ALL my products must have cones in them. So I use Redken smooth line for shampoo & deep conditioner. then I let it dry overnight. The next day I use Redken heat glide plus a little shea butter for shine. I apply to each section before I iron. This works perfectly and my hair stays straight usually for at least a week or more depending on what I've been doing. I sweat easily on my scalp so that starts to revert first but it's usually not even that noticeable.
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  • siren8780siren8780 Registered Users Posts: 36
    I don't use the silicone stuff before I straighten it. I just use cream products like the frizz cream and gel etc. I've been looking at reviews for the Sedu and I'm thinking of getting one. Any thoughts?
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    I recently purchased PUREOLOGY antifade complex- super straight and it works great. More than I wanted to spend($19) but it does what it says and I'm pleased with the results.

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    I have the same problem. I am sitting here right now looking like something out of 1985. LOL. I bought a generic CHI from Sally's and it worked great, but my hair starts to poof after a few minutes. *sigh*

    I am pretty sure it has to do more with the products/techniques rather than the styling tool, especially if it straightens well to begin with.

    I have heard many people say that using an oil before blow drying helps a lot. I will have to do that next time and see what happens.
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  • siren8780siren8780 Registered Users Posts: 36
    I tried one last time to get my hair straight with my Maxiglide and didn't work. It got straight, or at least seemed straight, but then it poofed up again. So the other day I went to the ULTA and bought a new flat iron. I almost spent 120 bucks on the Sedu. But then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a Wigo Onyx on sale for $20 from $149. I love a good bargain so I bought that one instead. I gets just as hot (according to the box) as a Sedu and it works GREAT!!!! :D:D:D

    I think that the real problem is that the Maxiglide just isn't getting my hair straight enough to begin with, which is why it poofs so easily once it cools down. This new flat iron gets my hair STRAIGHT! and it stay's straight. I'll post some pics tonight so you all can see what I mean.
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    smokindiva wrote:
    I recently purchased PUREOLOGY antifade complex- super straight and it works great. More than I wanted to spend($19) but it does what it says and I'm pleased with the results.


    I love Pureology Hydrating...does the super straight do as much as the Phytodefrissant (by Phyto) do you think? Has anybody tried both?

    As you say, the price is prohibitive but they usually last for ages. Does it make the hair flat and have no body as well, or just makes it straight?
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    My hair always looked puffy and ugly when I flat ironed, until I got one that gets HOT, 450 degrees. I used the Chi with success and also the Solia flat irons, both in the 1" size. Just make sure you iron tiny pieces at a time. I had an elaborate clipping system to make sure I got every strand of hair, but do what works for you.

    If THAT doesn't work you might have to blow dry your hair straight with a round brush (which will make it look big, but straight), and then flat iron to smooth it out.

    Rubbing a tiny bit of serum into your hair afterwards will also make it look smooth and shiny.
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    "I usually don't use cones until it's time to flat iron, then ALL my products must have cones in them."

    What are cones?
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