It's getting greasy!! what do i do!!!

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I just started the no poo method about 2 and a half weeks ago and yes there's a lot more curl (i'm 3A going into 3b) but its just starting to get really greasy at the roots - I'm not sure the co wash is working does anyone know what to do when it starts to get like this?- help!!!!


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    Make sure you're not using any non-water soluble cones, cuz they might be building up if you are. And when you cowash, make sure you scrub scrub scrub to remove buildup.
    But you may just need to add some kind of low poo to your routine. My hair behaves best if, when I "wash" (every 2-3 days, depending on how I'm feeling/weather/what products I'm using/etc.), I fully coat it in a thin conditioner, then use a low poo right on top of it. Everyone's hair is different.
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  • xxmissyxxxxmissyxx Posts: 31Registered Users
    Thankyou!! pretty sure my gels fine maybe i should scrub harder haha :) but its quite wavy rather than curly at the top so maybe i should start doing a low poo... guess its all about experimenting :S

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