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PLEASE HELP! How to moisturize hair while in braids/kinky twists?

Slap Happy 2 Be NappySlap Happy 2 Be Nappy Posts: 5Registered Users
Greetings Fellow Nappies...

I am new to this forum as of about 20 minutes ago & need your help (please)

I have been natural for a few years but recently have had to do ANOTHER BC because of #1 heat damage (where a "professional beautician" pressed my hair & it never went back nappy) & just due to E-X-T-R-E-M-E dryness in general

This WAS my hair until April 17, 2011 where basically I was forced to start over & get all the damage cut off...No biggie, I'm young & it will grow back (please keep reading below pic)


BUT here's my dilemma I wear my hair in kinky twists as my protective style, until my length comes back but I am having EXTREME difficulty keeping my hair moisturized while wearing them.

I used to wear braids a lot & kinky twists also and WAS using the store bought braid spray - "MEDICATED BETTER BRAIDS SPRAY" and I'm not gon lie, it DID leave my hair very soft, I had minimal breakage & it felt great even after I took the braids/kinky twists out prior to washing...

Ok so one might ask, IF IT WORKED SO GOOD THEN WHY ARE YOU ASKING WHAT YOU SHOULD USE AS A MOISTURIZER - fair question, but while researching the ingredients on the label of that & pretty much all other braid sprays I found ingredients I did not like, such as: Simethicone (which is a silicone) and also Propylparaben

I have been researching this site & the boat load of others, including youtube & have found many homemade sprays ladies are making, but wondered what to put in my own?

(It MAY not illustrate it in the pic but) I have VERY TIGHT thick DRY hair that drinks up water. I have found an EXCELLENT shampoo & conditioner in Aubrey Organics J.A.Y (Jojoba, Aloe & Yucca) Desert Herb Shampoo along with their Jojoba & Aloe Conditioner that I wash my hair in, while in and out of braids/kinky twists BUT have not found a good daily spritzer that TRULY MOISTURIZES my hair & not just make it greasy

I attempted to grease my scalp daily with 100% organic coconut oil but all it did was make my kinky twists VERY GREASY & when I took them down MY HAIR WAS VERY VERY DRY & BRITTLE

If you can offer any suggestions, I would seriously appreciate it.

(BTW I have a list of products to buy after researching :study:, but no one seems to offer measurements of how much to add to make a daily moisturizing spritzer)...

Like seriously? ALL OF THIS IN ONE BOTTLE??? :?
- Distilled Water
- Sweet Almond Oil
- Jojoba Oil
- Tea Tree Oil
- Vitamin E Oil
- Caster Oil
- Honey
- Glycerin
- Aloe Vera Juice
- Safflower Oil


  • DimePiece17DimePiece17 Posts: 521Registered Users
    Have you tried Shea Moisture restorative elixir? It's a very moisturizing oil that comes in a spray bottle. I use it daily instead of my other coconut/almond oil/castor oil concoction. I use my concoction for hot oil treatments/pre poos, but for every day moisture that is not super duper greasy the shea moisture restorative elixir does the trick. A little bit goes a long way.

    Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Elixir Spray | Walgreens
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  • kinkznkandykinkznkandy Posts: 1Registered Users
    You can try adding 2 tsps of 2 different oils, 2tsps of a leave in, and 2 tsps of aloe vera juice. I guess this is technically the Kimmaytube spritz from youtube. It does not work for everyone but I had my hair in kinky twists for 6 weeks and used it. I used Knot Today, Coconut oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil and the aloe vera juice. Then I sealed with shea butter. Sometimes I even baggied before sealing. When I tok my kinky twists out, my hair was very soft with no breakage just the normal shedding.

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