i want to learn how to post pics

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hello sorry to be a bother. i was wondering how i can post pics on this website. i got my husband to take pics and would like to post them. if anybody can let me know id be really grateful. Or point me to a thread that tells how to. lisa45


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    --Are the photos already uploaded from your camera (or phone) to your computer?

    If they are, you would go to "manage attachments" when you go to make your post. A separate window will pop up and you'll have the option to upload photos from your computer OR put in the URL if your photos are somewhere online.

    If you're getting them uploaded from your computer, you go to "Upload file from your computer" and hit "browse". You then find the photos you want to upload and double click, the location should appear in the little text box. You then hit "upload" and it should upload.

    IF your photo is online, you go to the photo online, right-click, and an option should pop up that says something like "copy URL" or "copy image location". Choose that option.....then paste it into "Upload File from a URL" shown below...then click "Upload".

    The above should work w/out problems. Sometimes the photo will be too large, though. I have not had this happen often (I have on other discussion boards, though) so I'm not sure what happens here on NC.com if your photo's too large to download. But you should not have any problems.

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