Second Day Hair

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I'm hoping I can get some tips on how to achieve second/third/fourth day hair; basically any hair that looks nice and is wearable past the first day.
I have 3b curly hair, reaching about halfway down my back when it's curly, more or less. Started using kinky curly curling custard about a few months ago and have not stopped ever since. However, unlike cheaper and less healthy products I used before, I can never seem to achieve wearable second day or third day hair. I sometimes leave some of the conditioner I apply in the shower, or I apply leave in conditioner underneath the custard once i get out of the shower in order to moisturize my curls. No matter if I diffuse or air dry, the curls look amazing the first day but develop this natural frizz the next day. The curls are still shaped very nicely; it's just this friziness that develops around the strands I cannot seem to get rid out. I have the spiral spritz and extra virgin coconut oil, but I'm not sure if I've been applying them properly.
Any help would be appreciated!


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    Hello :) I also have medium length 3b curls. I am new to the curly girl thing, but I have found something that works to refresh and "respring" my curls. I filled a spray bottle halfway with water and added a dollop of gel, a squirt of grapeseed (or olive or jojoba oil) and some essential oil just for fragrance. I shake it all up and mist my hair and scrunch when my hair is looking dry or frizzy.

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    I smooth some coconut oil or shea butter over my hair, and then put on a sleep cap for bed. I can get up to four days of decent looking hair with this method.
    co-wash: exact vanilla
    rinse out: tresseme naturals
    leave-in: giovanni direct leave-in
    stylers: kccc + he totally twisted mousse + coconut oil to sotc

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